Water safety urged by officials during Memorial Day weekend

Published: May. 26, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT
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Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and you can expect the beaches to be lively for the holiday.

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful. There are so many cool shells and I just love the blue ocean,” said Chloe Qualliotine, who is visiting from San Antonio, Texas.

However, Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue has a few water safety reminders for beachgoers. Especially understanding the meaning of the flag color flying from their tower.

Chase Robertson is a lieutenant with the Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue.

“Yellow is a medium hazard. It means there’s a little bit of surf,” he Robertson, “but it’s not really big. It’s not extra dangerous. It’s just kind of that caution.”

Robertson says if you don’t understand what the flags mean to ask a lifeguard or law enforcement for clarification.

“I try to adhere to it and make sure, I honestly don’t go past the sandbar when I’m out in the water,” said beachgoer Robert Parrish. “I try to stay cautious.”

“We stayed by the shallow end, by the shoreline so we didn’t really swim or go in,” Qualliotine.

Robertson says with strong rip currents, beachgoers should enter the water cautiously.

“They charge out there and then a lot of times they get in trouble,” he said. “So, just kind of know your abilities.”

Another key reminder is to prepare for the heat.

“Make sure you bring water, sunscreen,” said Robertson. “You know it’s going to be hot out.”

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