Advocates raising awareness about opioid crisis

Published: Jun. 19, 2022 at 2:06 PM EDT
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A retired Boynton Beach firefighter, along with a mother whose son died from an overdose, has been raising awareness across six states about the opioid crisis and the life-saving Narcan, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, says can reverse overdoses to prevent death.

For Father's Day, Luis Garcia is planning to visit four different locations from West Palm Beach to Delray Beach giving away free Narcan to the homeless and anyone he runs into who may want one.

"This lifesaving spray can save a life,” said Garcia. “Every human being who cares about other human beings should have this. It’s no different than a first aid kit, an automatic defibrillator, an EpiPen, or doing CPR. It’s simply a lifesaving tool that can be easily used in every single state legally by an untrained 8-year-old.”

He has also been providing basic relief in the form of supplies, clothing, and food as well as Narcan to the homeless.

Garcia is joining Jineen Pavesi, who lost her son Kristopher from an overdose in 2020.

“It’s horrible,” said Pavesi. “It’s terrible. It’s a hole in my heart that will never go away.”

Pavesi is raising awareness and advocating to the public to always carry this nasal spray. She said she never leaves her house without Narcan because she never knows when someone might need their life saved.

“It can happen to anybody,” said Pavesi. “If we can prevent one person from going through what me and my husband have gone through, then it’s worth it. Everybody should have it. You never know.”

Sunday’s distribution will take place at the following locations:

11:30 AM-12PM / North end/near playground@ Currie Park/ WPB

12:15PM-12:45PM / Outside St. Ann's homeless Shelter/ WPB

1:15Pm-1;45PM / Near Pavilion/ North end @ Bryant Park/ Lake Worth

2:15PM-2:45PM / Near north side pavilion/ tennis courts@ Veteran's Park/ Delray Beach

To help Garcia with monetary, physical donations, click here.

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