Florida’s coronavirus deaths rise 795 in two weeks vs. 506 14 days ago

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 7:11 PM EDT
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Coronavirus deaths in Florida are up more than 1.5 times in two weeks, the most since late March, while cases have stabilized and were less than 1,000 from than a week ago though they are among the most since mid February. And other key statistics are still surging with the first-time positivty rate up 1 percentage point in one week and nearly four times the target 5% and hospitalizations most since late February and nearly 4 1/2 times record-keeping low 2 1/2 months ago.

The Florida State Health Department published its eighth bi-weekly data Friday after switching to weekly reports from daily ones on June 4. The bi-weekly reports generally include data only for the past week though the state's new cases and positivity rates show both weeks.

Deaths: 75,891, which is an increase of 795 for two weeks (397.5 weekly), the highest since 1,167 Mrch 25 compared with 506 two weeks ago and 260 four weeks ago. The state went to bi-weekly reports in March.

When the state was on weekly reports, it was 162 Dec. 31 and 122 Dec. 24. Early in the pandemic the lowest weekly deaths figure was 144 on March 27. Using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, cases rose 400 in one week seven days after 402. The daily record was 435 occurring on Aug. 27 with the weekly high 2,468 Sept. 17.

The number of deaths among those under 16 rose by 2 to 48 with 57,358 among those 65 and older, a rise of 700 (88.1% of total increase).

Florida, which passed the 70,000 milestone Feb. 28, is third behind California at 91,701 and Texas at 87,147. California reported the second most deaths in the past week at 202 followed by Michigan 174. Florida is 18th in deaths per million at 3,529 with Mississippi No. 1 at 4,209, Arizona second at 4,192 and Alabama 4,030.

The state doesn't break deaths down by county but the CDC posts weekly totals with Palm Beach 53, Broward 32, Miami-Dade 59 and under 10 for Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee.

Cases: 6,493,977, which includes 74,481 new ones in the past week, 73,780 one week ago, 74,299 two weeks ago, 73,489 three weeks ago, 8,040 March18, which is the lowest since the weekly reports began. The last time the weekly figure was this high: 102,953 the week ending Feb. 11. Infections also rose 148,314 (74,157) for two weeks two weeks after 149,759. Fifteen weeks ago the weekly gain of 10,211 was lowest since a two-week stretch last year, 8,892 Nov. 26 and 9,891Nov. 19 before the omicron surge. New cases and increases are different because of revisions.

The seven-day rolling daily average is 10,640 with 11,061 June 8, the most since 12,359 Feb. 12. The figure 1,127 is March 22 is the lowest since 1,106 June 8, 2020. The record: 65,276 Jan. 11 (456,932 in a week). On Friday, 11,677 cases were posted with 14,010 June 3 . One week ago is was 11,823. The daily record: 76,611 Jan. 8.

Florida ranks third in the past week for cases behind California with 129,920 but ahead of Texas with 72,987 and New York 40,362. Florida is seventh in cases per million with 303,847 with Rhode Island No. 1 at 380,467. Overall Florida is third behind California with 9,431,299 (data is twice weekly) and Texas with 7,108,183, including 12,673 Friday. New York is fourth with 5,567,871, reporting 6,737 Friday.

Palm Beach County, Broward and Miami-Dade were the only ones in South Florida reporting fewer cases than two weeks ago. Following are the cases with the first number this week and the second two weeks ago: Palm Beach 4,481 vs. 4,630, St. Lucie 1,017 vs.978, Martin 445 vs. 369, Indian River 464 vs. 459, Okeechobee 83 vs. 73, Broward 7,362 vs. 7,840, Miami-Dade 16,213 vs. 17,158.

Positivity rate: 19.4%, the most since 23.3% Jan. 28 with 18.4% a week ago, 17.2% two weeks ago, 16.5% three weeks ago, 16.2% four weeks ago, 14.9% five weeks ago, 1.9% through March 18, the least since the state went to weekly reports. The record was 31.2% Jan. 7. The target rate is 5%.

Every South Forida county's positivity rate rose in two weeks.

Palm Beach County is at 17.5% (two weeks ago 17.4%), St. Lucie 20.1% (13.8% two weeks ago), Martin 19.9% (15.7% two weeks ago), Indian River 17.2% (16.5% two weeks ago), Okeechobee 14.9% (11.8% two weeks ago, Broward 17.6% (15.7% two weeks ago, Miami-Dade 18.5% (18.0% two weeks ago). No Florida counties are under the target rate with Glades the lowest at 7.3%.In the week of May 17-30, 2020, before testing ramped up, it was 0.62% one day for an weekly average of 2.82%.

Hospitalizations: 3,709 (6.42% capacity), one day after 3,841 (6.6%), which is the most since 4,123 (7.11%) on Feb. 21 compared with 3,1618 a week ago (5.4%) and 1,560 six weeks ago (2.68%). On April 11 there 892 April 11, the lowest since record-keeping began July 2020, according to Department of Health and Human Services the high. The record was 17,295 (2.35%) on Aug. 29 during the delta variant surge. Florida is second behind California at 3,869 (6.17%%) and ahead of Texas at 2,956 (4.47%). In the U.S., beds occupied with coronavirus: 34,093 (4.51%) with 31,976 (4.24%) one week ago and 19,090 (2.52%) eight weeks ago. The record 160,113 (21.3%) Jan. 20.

Vaccinations: More than nine out of 10 adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine (91.6%), two weeks after 91.5% with 77.5% fully vaccinated and 44.1% a booster, according to CDC data through Thursday (reports now are weekly). Among children 5-11, 24% have been vaccinated with at least one dose. In the U.S., the one-shot rate is 89.6% of adults, two doses 76.8%. For boosters, 51.1% of adults and 69.9% 70.2 and older have received a dose with those only 50 and older eligible. A second booster in Florida's rate is 24.8% 50 and older and 30.2% 65 and older. Every state has vaccinated at least 70% of adult population. The CDC is now capping the percentages at 95.

Tests: 339,192 in the past week (48,456 daily) with 49,482 daily most recently June 24 and record 278,754 Jan. 3. Florida is No. 3 in the nation with California first at 854,635, New York second at 347,019.

Transmission levels: All South Florida counties, are in the highest of three COVID-19 community levels, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its weekly update posted Thursday. Those in "high" should consider wearing a mask indoors in public and taking additional precaution, according to the CDC.

WPTV updates its coronavirus statistics page daily.

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