Delray Beach woman struck by stray bullet on Fourth of July

‘Shoot fireworks, don’t shoot guns,’ Felichia Johnson says
Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 11:21 PM EDT
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A Delray Beach woman is recovering after she was hurt by a gunshot wound while enjoying Fourth of July fireworks with her family.

"Shoot fireworks, don't shoot guns," said Felichia Johnson, who was hurt by a stray bullet. "I was coming back up in the house, and I felt something, like, hit my arm, felt like somebody had punched me, like, really, really hard. But at the same time of the punch, it was burning and stinging."

Johnson and her family had been celebrating with a barbecue when she thought she got hit by a firework — until paramedics told her it was a bullet.

"I had my grandson in my hand, and I had just put him down in the car, and it was kind of scary knowing that it could've (gone way worse) than that, but it didn't," said Johnson.

Delray Beach police believe the shooting was caused by someone firing his or her gun into the sky to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

"What person in their right mind would be shooting an actual gun on the Fourth of July?" said Johnson. "Because if you're shooting a gun, it has to come down."

Police said they are looking into the incident and, if caught, those responsible could face jail time.

Johnson said her neighborhood has always been safe and hopes her story is a lesson for everybody.

"Just be mindful, because it could've (been worse)," said Johnson. "Thank God I'm still here and, you know, it's just going to be a long process for me to go through."

Johnson was treated at a hospital and is expected to be OK, but the bullet is still in her arm.

She's expecting to go into surgery in the coming weeks.

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