Mar-a-Lago investigation puts Palm Beach back in national spotlight

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:20 PM EDT
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The FBI search this week of former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home has once again put the area in the national spotlight.

The notoriety is not necessarily being embraced by the locals on the island or mainland.

This week's news has created a migration of people and media that seem to disrupt everyday life.

Since late Monday night, much of the scene along Southern Boulevard near Mar-a-Lago has now been flagged with no parking signs.

Supporters of the former president have been standing anywhere they can or were allowed by police.

All the attention is giving area residents a bit of a flashback to when Trump was in office. It’s something that a lot of people weren’t expecting.

"You know just when I thought … politics had calmed down and life was getting back to normal and standing in line and boom it's right in your face," attorney Robert Norvell said. "I looked over and standing next to me were Proud Boys wearing yellow bandannas."

Norvell said he walked into the situation while shopping Tuesday night at the nearby Publix located on Southern Boulevard after Trump supporters set up camp there.

But on an island where people pay a steep price for isolation and quiet, there is an adjustment.

Janice Critchett has been watching the scene for years.

"It’s kind of makes them take different routes to and from where they're going," Critchett said. "They’re kind of used to it."

A Pro-Trump caravan is scheduled for Saturday, traveling from Hialeah to the Publix followed by protests outside Mar-a-Lago.

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