Serena Williams leaves lasting impact in Delray Beach

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 4:50 PM EDT
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The impact of the Williams sisters is all over Delray Beach. It’s not hard to get someone to speak about Venus or Serena. And since Serena is stepping away from tennis, many folks are sharing their Serena stories.

"I remember coming back from college and starting my career as a coach. And being over at the Delray Beach Swim and Racquet Club, which back in the day was called the Lavers. And they were out there 12, 13, 14, 15, practicing every day, six hours," said Jeff Bingo with the Delray Beach Tennis Center.

Bingo said it was obvious Serena and Venus would one day be big tennis stars.

"I absolutely knew right away," Bingo said.

After 23 grand slam titles, Serena Williams is closing this chapter on her lengthy career.

In an essay in Vogue magazine, she wrote she is moving away from tennis following the U.S. Open. Monday night she won her first-round match.

Coach Ivan Baron said Serena is the greatest of all time in women's tennis.

"Serena Williams is probably the greatest tennis female, without question. She's done more for tennis off-court maybe than on-court. She and her sister have really catapulted the game of women's tennis. Everyone coming up should always remember them," Baron said.

Bingo said he doesn't believe Serena will be able to leave the sport for good. He believes she'll always have her hand involved in the game of tennis.

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