Mulch fire continues to burn; 20 million gallons of water delivered

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 7:20 AM EDT
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This week could mark a major turning point in the fight against the Port St. Lucie mulch fire.

The blaze began nearly a month ago when St. Lucie County Fire District Chief Nate Spera said lightning struck the area.

As of Monday, more than 20 million gallons of water from a reclaimed water main had been sent to flood the fire.

Spera said it will likely take between 45 and 50 million gallons to extinguish the fire.

"Everyone needs to keep it mind, it's about 9 million gallons to give us one foot of water," said Spera. "We know we're going to need 4-5 feet of water minimum. We're producing probably 4-5 millions gallons a day. So it's going to take days for that to build up."

At the current rate, it could take another five to seven days before the fire is extinguished.

Debris at the site measures between 20-30 feet tall.

Spera said the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has regulatory authority over the site.

It's currently investigating the conditions of the land owned by real estate investment firm Kolter Homes.

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