Therapist shares how to manage mental health, guns

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 11:37 PM EST
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Psychotherapist Kristen Bomas is reacting to the news of a Martin County man who deputies say killed his neighbors over a dispute that started with a laundry room door.

"That's a pretty intense reaction to what we perceive is a pretty mild accusation, but to him it wasn't mild, to him it was completely off setting," Bomas said.

Bomas has her own practice based out of Boca Raton specializing in trauma, abuse and aggression.

She says a key in this investigation will be if the shooter had a history of mental or anger issues

"Guns handy to someone who has impulsive rage bursts is not a good combination," Bomas said.

She says you need to prioritize mental health and be honest if you're having thoughts of harming someone.

"If those thoughts are scaring you, then you absolutely must talk with someone because you're right on that edge of finding yourself in that impulsive situation where you could act on thoughts without your heart being involved," said Bomas.

Bomas says for her clients it's important to set up a safety plan.

"Do you have a safe, are the guns in the safe? What does it take to get to your guns? Do you carry them on you like this gentleman did or do you keep them locked up?" Bomas asked. "If they're locked up, who knows they're there. Who else can help you so that if you're angry you don't go to the safe."

Bomas says a close friend or partner can play a role in identifying a possible mental episode and can call police before it's too late.

"Dive into their thoughts, explore where their anger is coming from, explore what their hurt means to them so that the hurt doesn't turn to rage, turn to murder. And in a case like this had that happened, we could've saved two lives," Bomas said.

Bomas hopes people prioritize their mental health as much as their physical one and talk to a therapist even just once a year, to make sure they have the right mindset.

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