St. Lucie County woman missing for nearly a week found safe in thicket near US 1

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST
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Family members are calling it a miracle.

A St. Lucie County woman, missing for nearly six days, was found alive and is safe tonight in the hospital.

Margaret Parramore said the last several days have been filled with anxiety after word that a 65-year-old woman was reported missing not far from Parramore’s home.

Drones, dogs and detectives canvassed the area.

Anxiety turned to disbelief when Parramore’s husband called her Sunday night. He was working on a jeep at their home just east of US 1, and spotted a pocketbook in the brush.

“After he spotted her pocketbook, he saw on the medication who it was,” Parramore said.

The name was Janie Wilkenson.

Tuesday, Wilkenson had gone to the Prima Vista Crossing Shopping Center, about three miles from where she lived, to the hardware store to redeem a coupon. She hadn’t been seen since, until Parramore’s husband located her near the pocketbook.

“He said when I looked more, you could see her foot and her knee,” Parramore said.

The sheriff’s office said there was nothing criminal involved in this case.

Brad Wilkenson said his wife has had some health issues over the years, and that her health may have played a role in this incident as well.

When she was found, she was covered in scrapes and bug bites and her body temperature was dangerously low at just over 90 degrees.

She was trapped in the brush with no food, and a chainsaw had to be used to free her from the thicket.

Parramore said it brought tears to her eyes when she saw the couple reunited.

“I do not know these people, never met them in my life, but I fell in love with both of them instantly,” Parramore said.

She also said her husband has been her hero for 25 years.

“I said you know if anybody had to find her, I’m glad you did,” Parramore said.

Wilkenson’s husband said his wife has a long way to go, but he’s in a much better place than before, and feels like he has a second chance at life.

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