Veteran is one of thousands volunteering for Honda Classic at PGA National

Published: Feb. 22, 2023 at 2:40 PM EST
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More than 1,600 volunteers are the engine that makes the Honda Classic move smoothly at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens.

Each one has their reasons for volunteering.

Maybe it's a love for golf, the South Florida weather or just a need to give back.

Retired Air Force Brigadier General Randy Guthrie volunteers as the chairman of the Walking Scorer Committee.

“I spent my time serving my country, but many times that took me away from home," Guthrie said. "It didn’t give me the opportunity to be able to get involved and dedicate myself to the community that raised me, that brought me up.”

Gurthrie is from Palm Beach Gardens.

His decades of Air Force service took him on combat missions and he even worked at the Pentagon.

“A lot of different assignments, a lot of different places," Guthrie said. "I’ve gotten to see most of the world.”

During Honda Classic week, Guthrie oversees up to 85 walking scorers. That position essentially makes sure the golfers scorecard is accurate.

Now a 14-year Honda Classic volunteer, Guthrie has a mutual respect for the best in golf.

“They're at their office, so we realize it’s important for us to respect that,” Guthrie said.

From taking off from a runway to now tracking shots on the fairway, this is what a life of service is all about for Guthrie.

“Just being able to enjoy the freedoms and things that we have to be able to enjoy this kind of event is truly worth the sacrifice that we’ve made as veterans,” he said.

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