Deputy helps rescue 4 swimmers caught in dangerous rip current

Published: Mar. 19, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT|Updated: 23 hours ago
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A Martin County Sheriff's Office deputy helped rescue four swimmers caught in a dangerous rip current off Santa Lucia Beach on the southern end of Hutchinson Island.

Jake Blaszyk, a community policing deputy, responded and saw how dire the situation was Saturday. He removed his duty gear and swam out to rescue the group.

Blaszyk grabbed two of the swimmers, and pulled them out of the current and back to shore.

Martin County Fire Rescue first responders reached the other two swimmers and also pulled them to safety.

Two swimmers were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

"Hats off to Deputy Blaszyk and to Martin County Fire Rescue First Responders for jumping into action on this. You do what you do, and you do it well!" the fire agency posted on Facebook.[0]=68.ARCvN2PCDcVPcNJERK5l2m-ckEeuh5tH8FQ0PKMyNhPX9xAxicnQQEYBJNmJlDP02mxlVaRK3V8K5zDItgL-3c5s0Yt0JEgjMF1xJM6OGqw1AcDG0sSx3TqcPGr4wkfr6XpbY-PNZLlVvpQkxcsayLfZqNvdD00HfQvpbVELG935Ep54IJtsezn9CkR9J4VvqjXX4g_JJaqIQn4I-62pgSJI2cUx9S3lY8VgSrGbdJYXN5MNB68eJMhappVOyGfix8hXX8lv0VLY-ps4mC-R2BUUQxOr8NgFTo0UWRZ-qwiTAbxcBMk

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