Trump supporters rally in anticipation of Tuesday’s events

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 11:10 PM EDT
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On the eve of the former president’s possible arrest, according to Donald Trump, supporters were showing their support for him, not far from his home at Mar-a-Lago.

"Come on out and support Donald Trump, please," said Trump supporter Evelyn Knapp.

Knapp wore American flag apparel, waving at cars as they drove alongside the Southern Boulevard bridge.

"Hopefully, this sends a message to people, if it happens to him, it can happen to you," said Knapp.

The former president took to his platform Truth Social on Saturday, calling for supporters to protest on his behalf.

Donald Tarca Jr. calls himself a patriot of this country and shows his support with his Trump Truck and flags.

WPTV asked Tarca what he thinks will happen Tuesday.

"I'm not actually sure. We're waiting to see if he actually does indict him," said Tarca. "We need to do what's right in this country, and having district attorneys going against what they previously said they wouldn't is just not right."

The group said they plan to rally for the former president peacefully as they await what unfolds Tuesday.

"Commander and chief, we have your back, there's no quit and win, we will never quit, and I will never stop standing up for what's right," said Trump supporter Derek Arnold, who encourages people to rally peacefully.

"Stay peaceful, just be a patriot, do not harm others, do not harm property," said Arnold. "We just fly our flags, and we have fellowship for freedom."

The group said they plan to rally again Tuesday and could continue for days.

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