Child home alone when tornado ripped through North Palm Beach

Published: May. 4, 2023 at 8:10 PM EDT
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Communities in northern Palm Beach County that were hit hard by Saturday’s tornado are still cleaning up. During this process, more stories are emerging on what residents experienced.

A young girl who was home alone while her mother went to buy groceries explained the terrifying moments.

Kayo Walsh, 11, was at the Sanctuary Cove apartments in North Palm Beach when the storm hit.

"I thought it was just a heavy rain because I heard the thunder, and I was tired," Kayo said. "But then I heard a loud bang."

The girl could not believe what was happening. The rain outside sounded stronger than usual.

"Then I heard a loud bang, which was the door frame for the locks and stuff," Kayo said. "It flew off the door, and it fell into the living room, and I was confused hearing the door knocking against the wall. I saw in the living room that the door was open, and I was confused thinking my parents had not locked it."

She went to close the door, but it wouldn't close.

"Then when I went near it, the door flung open and hit me in the head here and hit me against the wall," Kayo said.

The girl said all of this was frightening.

"I cried running to my room," Kayo said.

She then waited until it got quiet outside.

"I went out through the front door and saw that a tree was blocking the door," Kayo said.

The young girl was able to get out of her home and run to a family friend's apartment about a quarter of a mile away.

"She was crying," the neighbor said. "She was terrified."

The friend called Kayo's mother to let her know the girl was OK.

"I miss like my little closet because it's a hideout for me with my LED lights," Kayo said. "My mom brought all of the stuffed animals back to me before they forced us to stay out of our house. I think they let her in for a moment to grab everything."

The family said they are temporarily staying at an Airbnb.

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