How to keep your dog safe from extreme heat

The dog days of summer have been brutal in South Florida.
Published: Jul. 26, 2023 at 9:41 AM EDT
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The dog days of summer have been brutal in South Florida.

There has been a heat advisory every day since July 4. Wednesday, that heat advisory streak finally ends after 22 days.

It’s been so hot outside you may have been worried about keeping your dog cool when going on your daily walk.

Dr. Brittany Kephart of Big Dog Ranch Rescue said you can tell if your dog is too hot or exhausted if they are panting, long tongue that curls more than normal, ears are hot, not wanting to walk.

Dog Extreme Heat Tips from Big Dog Ranch Rescue

  • Watch for hot pavement. Use your foot or your hand to see if the heat is tolerable to you
  • Walk you dogs in the cooler early morning or later evening hours
  • Keep walks short, less than 10 minutes (watch for signs of exhaustion)
  • Use dog booties to help protect paws
  • Prevent sunburns. Dogs that have white underbellies or white haired are at more of a risk. There are sunscreens but follow the directions
  • Create dairy-free "pupsicles." You can take a Dixie cup and freeze a couple of treats in water
  • To help make sure your dog is getting all the water it needs wet dry dog food
  • Do not leave your pet in a car alone even if the car is running with its AC on
  • Make sure if they can't be outside because of the heat that they are getting some kind of mental or physical stimulation

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