Is it cheaper for family of 4 to drive or take Brightline to Orlando?

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 6:16 PM EDT
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With Brightline beginning its trips from South Florida to Orlando on Friday, WPTV wanted to compare the prices and times if someone decided to drive instead of taking the train.

When it comes to time, WPTV reporter Kate Hussey arrived in Orlando 40 minutes faster by taking the train compared to WPTV reporter Dave Bohman.

It took Brightline about two hours while driving took two hours and 40 minutes.

Bohman encountered some rush hour traffic while leaving South Florida but was not slowed by any crashes en route to Central Florida.

elevated view of Brightline trains at new Orlando station ahead of opening
elevated view of Brightline trains at new Orlando station ahead of opening

An adult fare on Brightline costs $79 per person from West Palm Beach to Orlando. Driving the route using Florida's Turnpike costs $92 for gas, wear and tear (calculated based on Federal Reimbursement Mileage calculations), $16 for tolls for a total of $108.

That $108 figure would stay the same if you have a car of four people. However, a Brightline trip with four people (two adults and two children) would cost $236.

In addition, if you take Brightline with your family of four the total increases to $270 if you take a $34 rideshare vehicle to a theme park from the Orlando station.

If you drive to Orlando, the total of your trip rises to $153 or $158 to account for $45 for parking or $50 for weekend parking at a theme park.

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