T.A. Walker

Shining a Light Reporter
T.A. Walker

T.A. Walker graduated from Georgetown University with a master's in integrated marketing garnering a 4.0; that being said he is extremely flighty.

This happy-go-lucky Texan started in radio in 1995 at a little radio station in Bolivar, Mo., KYOO-FM and AM. He worked on several programs including Blue Grass Express, The Swap-shop, Farmers Reports, Royals baseball games.

At age 19, he had his first jaunt into television as an intern at KYTV in Springfield, Mo. He was temporarily hired as the station searched for a new midday news producer. But the internship ended quickly when he forgot to change a vulgarity that had been typed into the television prompter system.

His next post was certainly the biggest honor of his life: interning for David Letterman's Late Show in the Research Department (they had those before Google) where he helped research just about anything Dave needed to know about (before the internet).

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Southwest Baptist University, T.A. went to work as an on-air producer for The Randi Rhodes Show at 1290 WJNO in West Palm Beach. The show ended up getting syndicated, and T.A. moved to New York.

In 2005, T.A. joined the cast of The Mo and Sally Morning Show on KOOL 105.5 and moved back to the West Palm Beach market where he worked for 11 years as an on-air producer, imaging director, music director, and led the operations team.

After getting into an online master's degree program at Georgetown University, he accepted this job at WPTV as an entertainment reporter for Shining A Light, formerly Taste & See South Florida.

Personality traits

He is a troublemaker with a happy-go-lucky heart. There’s a reason people say, “It could only happen to T.A.” Drama and tall-tales follow him around like the plague.

He is the definition of contradictions:

• Being a guy’s guy and a Pottery Barn enthusiast.

• Loves spin class and nachos.

• Drinking Tito's and soda with lemon and juicing.

• Know-it-all but is wrong about everything.

• Loves Star Trek/Star Wars and Julia Roberts movies.

• T.A. constantly struggles between being a grown-up and a frat-boy.

• Fan of the Cardinals/Royals/Marlins, Cowboys/Dolphins, and Broadway shows.

• Drama queen and a peacemaker.

• Likes to cook recipes from Coastal Living Magazine and camping in Missouri with his college buddies.