Greenhouse Unveils Sourcing Automation: New Solution To Give Companies A Definitive Edge For Pinpointing And Engaging Top Talent

Published: May. 24, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

NEW YORK, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenhouse, the hiring software company, today introduced Sourcing Automation on the first day of the Greenhouse Open Conference. The new solution from Greenhouse helps recruiters easily find and capture candidate contact information, then connect with them through personalized and automated email outreach – all with Greenhouse.

Companies that are able to get sourcing right are positioned to pull ahead of the competition.

Demand for talent is at an all-time high, and recruiting teams are feeling pressure to meet ambitious hiring goals. From increased salaries to new benefits, organizations are going to extreme lengths to hire. With over 84% of talent actively job hunting and US Bureau of Labor Statistics data showing that there are roughly two jobs available for every unemployed person, the challenge of connecting with and enticing a candidate to choose to work at your company shows no sign of easing.

"Outbound sourcing has never been so important – or so difficult. Recruiters are working tirelessly around the clock when it comes to finding and hiring talent and are still losing top talent," shared Jon Stross, President and co-founder of Greenhouse. "To cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd, recruiting teams need a tailored approach that leaves a memorable impression from the first interaction to offer. Companies that are able to get sourcing right are positioned to pull ahead of the competition. Giving recruiters the tools they need to build and nurture relationships with prospective candidates means that emails will reach inboxes instead of getting lost in spam folders."

"The talent landscape has undergone tremendous change over the last decade, jumping into hyperspeed in the last year. Business leaders want to see measurable ROI from their recruiting efforts, from validating the cost of software investments to justifying the time it takes to fill an open role," reflected Matthew Merker, Research Manager, Talent Acquisition & Strategy, IDC. "Companies that are the most successful finding, engaging and converting prospects are using personalized automation to build an optimized recruiting strategy. Recruiters who can strike a balance between technology and human touch will have an advantage when it comes to quickly moving candidates through the pipeline and ultimately achieving their business goals."

Talent teams benefit from using Sourcing Automation to turn passive talent into engaged candidates by:

  • Reducing friction by centralizing sourcing activities within Greenhouse CRM
  • Saving time that would be spent manually retrieving prospect contact information
  • Increasing response rates through enriched and accurate contact data
  • Scaling communication with personalized and automated email outreach campaigns
  • Evaluating sourcing success with robust reports and analytics
  • Diversifying talent pools to find prospective candidates with specialized skill sets

In October 2021 Greenhouse announced its acquisition of Interseller, a sourcing automation provider. Interseller's proprietary technology provides the basis for Sourcing Automation. The new Sourcing Automation feature advances email deliverability and ensures high-quality interactions to enhance the success recruiters see when reaching out to prospective employees.

Sourcing Automation is available to all customers as an add-on to Greenhouse Recruiting. To find out more about Sourcing Automation visit the Greenhouse blog.

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