AP -- Bewildered by what's happening to television gear these days?
Here are some quick explanations that might give you some footing.
First, the difference between "flat screen" and "flat panel." Flat screen is a normal T-V whose glass screen is just flat, instead of slightly rounded.
Flat panel is the new generation of televisions only a few inches thick. They come in sizes from ten inches to 60 inches -- five feet -- in width!
If a flat panel is from ten to 22 inches, it uses an L-C-D, or liquid crystal display. The best ones have what's called an "active matrix," instead of a "passive matrix." They run from seven hundred to three-thousand dollars.
Flat panels 30 inches or larger use plasma displays. They are impressive -- even close up -- but cost a bundle. They run from 45-hundred to 15-thousand dollars.
A television that's H-D-T-V-ready is just that. Meanwhile, an H-D-T-V-compatible television needs an H-D-T-V tuner you buy separately.
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