A new DVR with a lot of flexibility

Undated-AP -- Panasonic's new DMR-HS2 is a digital video recorder with a built-in D-V-D burner.
But it does more than just let you copy stuff off the hard drive to a more durable format. Spokesman Jeff Samuels says you can first do simple editing.
For example, changing or deleting scenes, entry and exit points on video, and putting still photos into albums or folders. Home videos can be entered directly to the hard drive, and there's a special slot for JPEG images.
And Samuels says the burner can use D-V-D RAM discs, which allow a number of features. Among them are simultaneous play and record, "chasing playback," and error protection.
Unlike TiVo or ReplayTV, Panasonic's DMR-HS2 doesn't have to be hooked up to a phone line to get programming information. It has VCR-Plus.
The standard price is one-thousand dollars, but you can find it for eight-hundred.
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