Meet Our Doctor

Meet Our Doctor

Harvey Montijo, MD
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained
Anti-Aging Specialist
Total Joint Replacement

Dr. Harvey Montijo started transitioning his orthopedic practice to anti-aging after numerous treatments of osteoporotic related injuries. The rise in his Anti-Aging awareness has led him to treating his patients not only for their injuries but also in the prevention of age related issues. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Harvey Montijo started expanded his training and adding new treatments such as Stell Cell and PRP Therapy, which are used for aggravated joint injuries.

Optimal Wellness and Longevity Institute emerged out of his orthopedic practice in late 2000.  As founder of Optimal Wellness and Longevity Institute, Dr. Montijo has made it a mission to help structure an age management solution tailored to the chemical makeup of each patient. The Optimal Wellness and Longevity Institute is designed to assist in the pursuit of optimal health be it young or old, hence... Be the Optimal you!

He currently serves as the Medical Director and member of the Board of Director for the Total Joint Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center in Wellington, FL, as well as the CEO of Palms Wellington Surgical Center. Dr. Montijo is inter-disciplined as a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained anti-aging specialist with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Harvey Montijo is the CEO and senior partner at The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches. He has been in private practice at The Center for Bone and Joint surgery since 1992. He is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Total Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Specialist. He has an extensive knowledge in the latest surgical techniques and trains surgeons around the World, as well as in the United States. He been guest speaker for many lectures targeted around age management solutions locally and nationally.

Some of the treatments Optimal Wellness and Longevity Institute provides are Weight Management, PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, Osteoporosis, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, Vitamin and IV Therapy, Pre/Post Surgery IV Therapy, Facial Aesthetics, and Sexual Health.