Cool weather a bust for beach businesses?

By Chuck Weber

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX)-It's not exactly ideal beach weather. So how are beachfront businesses faring in the face of cool temperatures?

We went to Johnny Longboats restaurant at the Ocean Mall on Singer Island. The place was still bustling.

One of the managers, Marilyn Calvis, said cooler weather generally hurts business only slightly. "It doesn't really bother us," said Calvis. "People like the atmosphere. They like it outside."

It helps that many of Calvis' customers are from places where it's colder.

Bernhard Mechler, from Frankfurt, Germany, said, "We enjoy the sun and the blue sky. We appreciate it."

"It's freezing," said Tricia Myers, who hails from Boston. "But I was in the ocean two hours ago."

Myers and other tourists did tell us they're disappointed the cool weather is sticking around all week. That's the entire visit for some of them.

"It's minus 20 back home," exclaimed Chris Bedell, of Minneapolis, in the area visiting her parents. "It's glorious weather here for us."

Then Bedell, her two sons, and her mother, walked across Riviera Beach Municipal Beach to the ocean. Bedell and her boys ditched their footwear and waded into the water. Brrrr.