Florida's rebate program won't last long

WEST PALM BEACH-- Florida's Appliance rebate program starts April 16th.

It means you will be eligible for a 20% discount for 6 types of appliances as long as they carry the government's energy star label, meaning they are energy efficient.

The eligible products include:



Clothes washers (not dryers)


Room air conditioners

Gas tankless water heaters.

At the West Palm Beach BrandsMart staffers are bracing for an onslaught of customers to rival Black Friday sales.

Crowd control and more employees are planned to deal with the turnout because even though Florida has over $17.5 million earmarked for the 10-day program, the money is expected to run out that first day.

Customers will have to scramble to buy the appliance and then go on-line to a state website to secure the 20 percent rebate. But that's not the only benefit according to store manager Richard Johnson.

"Now if you do trade in an old appliance, you do get an additional $75 as well by showing on your receipt that the old unit has been recycled at a landfill," he said.

Customer Deborah Johnson, no relation to the manager, wants to get a new refrigerator.

"We all need the financial help. So if you can get a rebate, why not? Go for it," she said.

To make things easier, already some stores have seen customers select appliances and put them on hold until the 16th.

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