Residents turn to TV crew to get power back

BELLE GLADE -- Some people in a Belle Glade apartment building are breathing a sigh of relief. They have electricity for the first time in days with our help.

Florida Power and Light workers turned the power back on to the building about 4:30 this afternoon.

Eleven people -- including several small children -- live in the building at 509 SW 7th Street and they say they've been struggling without light, and air conditioning since FPL shut off their power Wednesday. Some have been using candles. Some say their food spoiled in their refrigerators.

FPL says someone stole the glass covers on several electric meters and that created a danger in which someone could be electrocuted, so as a safety precaution FPL shut off the power.

One resident, though, is just glad its back on now, and she says they weren't getting anywhere until CBS12 showed up.

"I'm real happy that you guys turned back on the lights. I don't have to sweat it out tonight and I can go ahead and cook and my little girl will be all right. She won't be hot tonight,"said Shanteai Mann, renter.

The landlord today installed locking metal bars, to prevent further tampering or theft of the electric meters.