Cracking down on beach burglaries

Posted by Elizabeth Stewart - email

(WFLX) - The wind, the surf, the sand, the sea. All are great things to take your mind off the worries of everyday life.

But these days, if you go to the beach you better keep you mind on your money and your money out of sight.

Allison Mahovetz has been coming to the beach all her life, but still admits, she's not always as careful as she should be. Especially after reports of more than a dozen car break-ins at beach parks in Martin and St. Lucie counties.

Investigators hope that surveillance video from Target stores in Palm Beach County and Martin County help catch the thieves. The video from the Jensen Beach Target shows two men leaving the store after using stolen credit cards to buy video gaming systems.

The video from Target stores in Greenacres and Boynton Beach show a woman whose credit card is also reported stolen from a car at the beach to by video gaming systems.

Sheriff's deputies say the best way to protect your stuff is to lock it in your trunk or your glove box. But some folks who come here a lot say that doesn't always work.

"These thieves are motivated and they'll get your things no matter what. I personally have had my vehicle broken into. I've had my wallet and my cell phone taken from my vehicle, the windows smashed in." Eric Romane says that happened even with his stuff hidden away.

But like other regulars at this beach, he's now on the lookout for thieves, and if they come back, he'll be waiting.

"Something will be done about it. Whether it's us locals trying to protect our own beach or it's the authorities, it's gotta come to an end."

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