Food Which Ages You

I'm Dr David Vastola and when Patrick and I go out to eat, we go for several reasons: it's nice to get out, also the quality of the food is important - also from a health standpoint the quality of the food is important. But lastly it's how they cook the food. We're very aware of bad food because of saturated fats, calories and all that stuff, but how they cook the food may be just as important. Let me tell you why.
"Hello. Aswer me this: How is that rotisserrie chicken cooked?"
"It's cooked on a rotisserrie."
"How about this fresh fish, how is that cooked?"
"It's pan seared."
"And how about this steak, how is that cooked?"
"It's grilled. Why are you asking me how these are cooked?"
That's a good question, and the reason is because how it is cooked can actually age you - it has to do with anti-aging. It turns out that all these foods, if they're cooked over a hot flame with elevated temperatures - it creates what's called glycation products, advanced glycation products, which can age you. That's because it causes chronic inflammation through inflammatory proteins and you can measure them in your blood with a CRP or C-Reactor Protein. They include tuminacrosis factor, as well as lucatrines number 6 and number 8. The bottom line is it causes inflammation actually because of how you cook the food, and those inflammatory products can lead to chronic problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and even heart disease and therefore they're aging you.
So when you go into a restaurant and order your food consider cholesterol, calories and all of those things, but also how you cook your food - it has to be cooked on a low flame. Otherwise, you're going to get advanced glycation products and it can age you.
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.