Possible Bomb Inside Miami Bank

Posted by Paige Bresky --email

CORAL GABLES, FL (AP) --- South Florida police say there's one person and possibly a bomb inside a bank near the University of Miami.

However, police could not confirm whether there were any hostages inside the Bank of America in Coral Gables, as initially reported.

Police Sgt. Janette Frevola says there is one person inside the bank, but investigators are not sure if that person is a victim or a suspect.

She could not say whether the hostage negotiations team called to the scene still had contact with the person.

The Bank of America branch is near the University of Miami.

The university sent an alert to students warning them to stay away from the area, and some local elementary schools have been locked down as a precaution.


Coral Gables police say it all started when some men invaded the Kendall home of a Bank of America executive at around midnight Thursday night.

Police say the invaders took a 21-year-old man from the home, then eventually sent him into the bank with a bomb strapped to his back.

The man is now out of the bank, but the bomb remains inside.