Sustainable Fruits & Veggies

I'm Dr David Vastola and when we buy our fruits and veggies, we generally buy them from two sources. One: farms that regularly grow them, and the other: organic farms where they're not subjected to pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or any types of chemicals. But there may be a third source - it's called sustainable. Ever heard about it? Let me tell you about it.
If you bought this carrot from a sustainable farm, that would mean that this carrot was grown with fertilizers, perhaps some herbicides, but no pesticides. So many of the chemicals are eliminated as part of it's normal life cycle. But does it make sense? It turns out it does. The good guys in here, the antioxidants, occur as a result of what's affecting the plant - stress factors. Put some herbicides around it to keep the bad plants away, the weeds, but let the pest affect it, because the pests are what create the antioxidants in it. That's what a sustainable veggie such as this carrot could be.
Studies now show that sustainable vegetables have more nutrients - more antioxidants - in them than organic ones. Why? Because the pests are allowed to work on them to create the good guys. So in the future when it comes to buying your fruits and veggies, make a prudent decision. Do you want to buy them from a farm that regularly grows them with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers? Do you want them organically grown? Or do you want them from a sustainable farm which has the highest amounts of the good guys in them that you can find? It's your choice.
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.