Roxanne Stein

Charles Town, W. VA

B.S. AGRICULTURE, Penn State University

Work Experience:
Lancaster, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Chattanooga, TN
Harrisburg, PA

Roxanne is proud to be a farmer's daughter. Though her roots in agriculture run deep, she always wanted to be in the news business. Not to be "on TV" necessarily, but to be in a newsroom, covering the events that shape and change our world.

She was born in West Virginia, but raised in Lancaster, PA. She spent her teenage years in the 4H Club, and graduated from Penn State with a degree in agriculture. "Sounds like the normal path for a career in broadcasting, right?!" says Roxanne.

Her determination to be in television soon took over, she applied for a job at the NBC affiliate in Lancaster, and she got it! She started out as "the weather girl," eventually shooting and editing her own film, producing, and reporting. Roxanne soon became that market's first female week-night anchor.

From Lancaster, her career took her to Pittsburgh. Roxanne was an anchor and the political reporter. She reported on medical breakthroughs and hosted medical specials as well. She also hosted the half-time show during Steelers games.

"I'm fortunate to have covered many major events," says Roxanne.

She has attended Democratic and Republican national conventions, and she was at the White House when our hostages returned from Iran. She was at the Cape during the Challenger tragedy and back again to witness our return to space with the launch of Discovery.

She reported on the Presidential election of 2000, and the ensuing chad controversy and recount. And most recently, of course, she has covered not only the terrible events of September 11th, 2001, but also the inspiring unity of the American people.

"These were big stories, but there really are no little ones. Every story is about people with something at stake -- people who know their story is important and need that story told. I enjoy meeting these people and telling their stories with words and video" says Roxanne.

In her spare time, she also enjoys working with children, and volunteering to help improve the lives of our kids. She and her husband enjoy golf, tennis, softball, and traveling. She loves to cook & bake, and loves animals too - especially the ones that live with them -- Simba and Nala.