Cancer survivors stay healthy with special diet

Eating right is something we should all do, but it's especially important for cancer survivors who need to help their bodies stay as healthy as possible.

Cancer survivor Merrilee Boyack has become vegetarian and has taken up cooking classes through "The Cancer Project".

"I just decided that it was absolutely crucial to my survival and I just went cold turkey and went through my pantry and got rid of everything I didn't want to eat anymore," she explained.

Cook Tracy Childs swears by a simple menu.

"We're looking for whole foods, not processed foods and we're also looking for a lot of high fiber and high nutrient foods and those are all in the plant foods," she says.

"It isn't just me having cancer it's all the other host of diseases we call the western diseases that are out there and I'm committed to this for my entire family," says Boyack. "That's just crucial to me to help them live in a healthy way so they don't have to go through what I went through I don't wish that on anybody."