Tips for the health-conscious Christmas drinker

(NBC) - If you're trying to stay health-conscious and drink this holiday season, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, pick one drink, and stick with it so you don't over-do it.

"If you're going through the martini list and picking a different flavor each time, you're probably going to drink more," said Lisa Cimperman, a clinical dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.

Cimperman said to go for it if you want a chocolate martini or an egg nog. But if you're drinking, she said, stay away from sweets.

"If you are going to drink a glass of regular full fat egg nog, just realize that you're pretty much having your dessert," she said.

A glass of regular egg nog can have as many as 500 calories. But there are lighter options, one of which is soy nog.

When picking mixers, choose diet sodas, which have fewer calories than tonic. Fruit juices are another option.

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