Anti-New Year's Resolution Solution

By Jim Sackett - bio | email

(WFLX) - If you're anti-New Year's resolution, how about a different approach to changing your life? Try a month-by-month plan to reach your goal in a 12-month period.

For example, let's take one of the top resolutions: to exercise more.

In January, this is the month to look at your life and figure out what needs to change. Maybe buy a few sessions with a personal trainer to get some advice on the right workout for you.

For February, focus on fuel. Do this by logging what you eat.

By March, check your progress and make sure you're challenging yourself.

In April, take your workout outside or sign up for a new class.

During the summer months, kick it into high gear and take full advantage of the summer sun.

Once fall comes around, go back to school and pick up a new skill, like yoga or horseback riding.

And when it comes to December of 2011, give yourself a present for your good work.

Now, this is a general plan that you use as a guide -- getting more specific each month.

The best thing is to look at your fitness quest as a long term plan and not a quick fix.

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