Remember those heady, mid-nineties days when technology ruled the economy and any 20-something with a half-baked idea could make a million? Starbucks was full of would-be entrepreneurs, clicking away at their overworked keyboards. The web was new. It was hip. You never knew what you might find when you followed a link.
Enter the 21st century: budget cuts and corporate websites. The bottom line now manages content and users have gotten over the newness of it all. Most now use the web for shopping, email and information. Where has all the creativity gone, you ask? Well, there is still creativity on the web, you just have to know where to look for it.
It turns out blogging may be the salvation of our internet culture. What is blogging? Blog is short for "web log." These are online journals posted by self-appointed cultural anthropologists, studying the intricacies of life and posting their impressions. There is prose, poetry, political thought, religious fervor, conspiracy theory, lifestyles, music, arts, and sports, etc. Many bloggers feel compelled to tell you what they are reading, listening to or watching. The blogger service is free and you can publish as many as you would like. If you're good with HTML you can modify your page.

Reading these blogs is like looking in a window onto another's life. You could call it the reality show of the internet. And why are reality programs so hot on television? It's because they're not about overpaid stars who get too much attention, they're about your average person. Sometimes it's a young British man studying to be a barrister, sometimes it's an Indian student and his initial experience of American culture, sometimes it's a housewife regaining her sanity during a break from her children. Many times the blogs are in another language, as people blog worldwide.

To get started you need to choose a "blogware" such as one of those listed below. Update it frequently and trade links with other's sites - this will get you the audience all writers crave.

Tech Specs:
The following are the most well known blogware sites
Movable Type

Who Blogs? Famous Bloggers:
Howard Dean

William Shatner

by D.L. Corbett for Tech Trends