Mets players spread cheer

FT. PIERCE, FL (WFLX)  Not a moment passes when Deja Harris, a fifth-grader at Francis K. Sweet Elementary, isn't thinking about her friend, a ten-year-old who was on the school bus when it crashed Monday afternoon at the intersection of Midway and Okeechobee Roads.

"She's doing fine. She can't walk. But she's progressing every day."

Aaron Beauchamp, a fellow-classmate, died at the scene.

But Harris and her classmates got a bit of a break Friday. Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey and two of his teammates came bearing gifts, and a message.

"They just said be strong, get better soon, we're praying for you," said Harris.

"For me, I give eight runs, I think it's the end of the world. Stuff like this happens, it puts things into perspective," said Pelfrey. "These are the real tragedies of the world."

Amidst the heartbreak and healing, there's an investigation. The Florida Highway Patrol met for an hour Friday with local and federal agencies to share information gathered on the bus crash.

They say it's necessary to compare notes because so many agencies were at the scene on Monday.

"To make sure that we do a complete, thorough investigation for the families of this bus crash," said FHP Lt. Jeffrey Johnson.

But our community's littlest members are also still gathering at a memorial for Beauchamp set up in front of their school.

They were wearing their new Mets caps as reminders of strength.

"Everyone really is doing fine. Some are upset, but they think they'll be able to do what they need to do to get better," said Harris.