Drowning prevention: Affordable swimming lessons

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Anna Stewart, manager of the Drowning Coalition of Palm Beach County, wants to prevent children and adults from drowning.

Stewart says you can prevent a child from drowning by memorizing the "ABCD" formula used by the Drowning Coalition.

The "A" stands for adult supervision, without any distractions.

"B" is for barriers, meaning pools should have some sort of fence or barrier around it so kids can't fall in.

The "C" stands for classes. Stewart says kids and adults should take swimming lessons and other water safety classes. The "C" also stands for CPR.

Stewart says "It's critical that babysitters, caregivers, parents all learn CPR because CPR is critical in saving the life of an adult or child that has a near-drowning experience."

Finally, the "D" stands for drain safety.

Many older pools in Florida have drains that can cause kids to be pulled to the bottom. Stewart suggests having your drain checked to see if it poses a risk to children.

Stewart also urges adults to get swimming lessons if they don't know how to swim. She says it's nothing to be embarrassed about, and there are adults-only classes in Palm Beach County.

If you'd like to find some affordable swimming lessons, you can visit the Drowning Coalition's Web site at pbcgov.com/drowningprevention/.

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