Isaac reincarnates: Scheduled to return this weekend

THE ACREAGE, FL (WFLX) - The last thing people in western Palm Beach County want to hear is 'more rain'.

Storms rolled through the county Tuesday night and more rain could be on the way this weekend. The irony is this weekend's rain will likely be remnants from Isaac.

Several YouReporters snapped photos of the intense lightning that accompanied some of Tuesday's thunderstorms.

Last week, when Isaac was a tropical storm, the storm dumped nearly 20 inches of rain on parts of the western community creating historic flooding problems.

But folks in The Acreage aren't fretting yet. The streets, yards and canals are showing significant signs of improvement from last week.

The worst now is the smell, left from days of standing water and dead fish, and the mosquitoes which crews will spray for Wednesday night.

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