Adam Greenberg gets another at bat

MIAMI (WFLX) - Adam Greenberg thought he'd have more moments in the major leagues.

But Tuesday night, he had one that he - and everyone else in Marlins Park - would never forget.

In 2005, the Connecticut native became one of only two major leaguers to be hit by a pitch in their only at bat, when he stepped into the box for the Chicago Cubs. "I remember trying to tie my shoes, rolling over in bed, my eyes would shift uncontrollably out of place," said Greenberg.

He spent years recuperating from the knockout blow and played minor league ball.

While he hoped for another shot in the bigs, he was watched from afar by filmmaker Matt Liston, who started a social media campaign this year to get Greenberg another at bat. "It was always burned in my brain, this at bat, because I kept watching the games following that, and he never got another chance," said Liston.

Last week, the Marlins said, 'Why not?'

Tuesday, he signed a one-day, $10,000 contract to play in the game against the Mets, meaningless for both teams, who have been out of the pennant race for weeks.

The money will be donated to a firm that studies brain injury. "This is realizing day one of the dream I had seven years ago. And had as a child. I never wanted this as a publicity stunt."

Manager Ozzie Guillen called Greenberg's name in the sixth inning.

He faced RA Dickey, one of baseball's best pitchers. "You don't expect to fail. You prepare for success. That's why this is so cool. It doesn't matter what you do in life, you prepare to succeed," Greenberg said.

Greenberg faced three knuckleballs and never made contact, striking out on three pitches. "It was weird to get high-fived after a strikeout," he said afterwards.

But he got a standing ovation from the crowd at Marlins Park. "It's proof, you should never give up," he said.
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