Protesters show up at Romney rally

TRADITION, FL (WFLX) -- Not everyone who attended the Mitt Romney rally in Tradition on Sunday was a supporter. There were a handful of protesters.

Ellen Prowler was one of them. The Tradition resident penned a note to Governor Romney.

"I'm not angry," she said. "I'm disappointed that somebody that is highly educated and intelligent can be so insensitive."

Prowler rallied during the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. She says she's concerned about people falling through the cracks under a Romney administration. 

"The insensitivity to people who are sick, disabled and living the last part of their life on a fixed income that might be adjusted and taken away," said Prowler.

The Romney camp says there were 19,000 RSVPs online to the event, making it one of the biggest political rallies in the state all year. That number trumps the 10 or so protesters.

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's grandson, Jim Roosevelt, spoke on behalf of President Obama.

"We've had 30 consecutive months of job growth in this country under President Obama," he said. 

A person in a Big Bird costume protested the proposal to cut funding for public broadcasting. 

"I've got Obama buttons, right here," shouted Marc Ryan to a long line of people waiting to get in the rally. 

"I'm not making a scene. I'm making a statement," he laughed. Ryan said women should have the right to choose abortion.

"I believe in independent women. I believe a woman should make her own choices in life, and the Republican party needs to stay out of those choices," he said.

That's a message Prowler says she can rally behind.