Teen accused of attacking classmates with needle

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) -- Police say a thirteen-year-old girl at Boynton Beach Charter School has created a health scare for her classmates. She used a sewing needle, and a needle that diabetics use to test their blood, to attack twenty of her classmates.

"I had my hands on the bus seat, I turned around and she poked me," said student Rodney Bazile.

"She went up to us, poked us, she thought it was funny," said classmate Marquis Morrow.

Parents weren't laughing.

"I moved him here because I thought he'd be safer here. I guess not," said Rosa Perez.

The girl told police it started during gym class, when she was hit in the head with a ball by someone who had been bullying her.

"She was talking about my pants, and my pants were sweaty, and she asked if I peed in my pants," said Bazile.

"She's rude and doesn't know how to act," said Morrow.

Police believe its possible she poked twenty kids with the same needle.

Parents were urged to take their kids for blood tests.

Dr. Ramon Vidal at Boca West says it's critically important for authorities to figure out if any of the students have any transmittable diseases.

"There could be blood transmitted from one person to the other every time that needle is introduced," said Vidal.

The girl will be charged with twenty counts of battery and negligence.

"I'm just waiting for a diagnosis test to see if I'm OK," said Bazile.

According to police, the girl admitted to attacking the child who supposedly bullied her, but denied pricking the other students.

She has not been identified and was taken to the juvenile assessment center.