Fallen hero laid to rest

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - Wiping tears from their eyes and embracing each other, a crowd of family and fellow soldiers said farewell to slain Army Warrant Officer Joseph Schiro on Monday.

"We were blessed to have Joseph for 27 years, we thank god for that, we feel like we're better people for that," said Joe Schiro, the father of the soldier.

Schiro was killed on October 6th after the U.S. Department of Defense said Schiro was shot in Afghanistan while on unmounted patrol.

In front of a crowd of more than one-thousand, those who were close to the father of three tried to put to words what Schiro meant to them.

"I won't lie, he drove me crazy sometimes, he was crazy. We went to Hawaii with three kids for three days. So he was crazy but I loved it," said Diana Schiro, wife of the fallen soldier.

A South Florida native, Schiro's family says he grew up with a thirst to help others. That obsession of serving would translate to a career in the U.S. Army where Schiro quickly jump the ranks, earning award after award.

"Joe's only limitation in life proved to be the amount of time that he had to serve the world," said Jeremy Wilson, a fellow serviceman.

Those who served with Schiro on the front lines of operation enduring freedom said he was also a mentor, someone they could look up to.

"I love you Joseph, I'm going to miss you buddy and we'll carry on in your memory," Joe Schiro.

While everyone close to Schiro wanted more time with him, his wife Diana who envisioned growing old together stands strong knowing her husband died doing his life's work.

"I stand here and I try to take in where I am and what I'm speaking at and what I'm looking at in front of me and I just have this deep sense of peace that it is well," said Diana Schiro.

A trust fund is being set up for those who wish to help Schiro's three children. Click here