Parents question conduct, DUI charges of Royal Palm teacher

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A baseball coach and English teacher at Royal Palm Beach High School is in the spotlight after parents discover he has a criminal past and is still on the field and in the classroom.

Brian Joros, who has been with the Palm Beach County School District for more than a decade, has found himself on the wrong side of the law again. "He's guiding them, and he's supposed to be a role model," said Dawn Scranton, a concerned parent.

Scranton's son used to be on the team Joros coached. Her son was a pitcher and an outfielder for the team.

When she heard rumors Joros had been convicted of a DUI and then confirmed it through court documents, she had enough and transferred her son. "Students are relying on them to guide them and give them good direction and good direction doesn't come in the form of destructive behavior," said Scranton. 

Fox 29 went digging and found Joros has a history.

In 2010, court documents show Joros was arrested; then in 2011, convicted for drunk driving.

Then in July of 2012, documents obtained from Osceola County Sheriff's Office show that while Joros was on a trip with his kids and another child, he was arrested again for another alcohol-related incident. In this case, documents show Joros was found in a parking lot, asleep with the car running. He is now facing two charges, a citation and a day in court.

Just last week, Joros was arrested again, this time in Palm Beach County.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff's report shows Joros made threats against his ex-wife for her testimony in his previous DUI charge in Osceola County. Documents indicate Joros posted bail and has yet to appear in court. 

Fox 29 tried reaching Joros multiple times on Monday and Tuesday, but only got his voicemail. When Fox 29 showed up at Royal Palm Beach High School, a school official said, Joros was not available and then asked Fox 29 to leave. 

Fox 29 then went to the school district where a spokesperson refused to talk about the situation on camera.

Spokesperson Nat Harrington instead told Fox 29:

"We are aware of the legal situation. He [Brian Joros] has followed district policy and reported the situations to his supervisor. At this point, the district is monitoring his court case and his record and will make a decision regarding his record once his court case has reached a conclusion."

"I don't know what the criteria is because if your criminal record doesn't matter, what criteria do they have that allows them to get in front of the classroom," said Scranton.

On Tuesday, Fox 29 discovered Joros did receive a letter of written reprimand from the school district in connection with his 2010 DUI arrest.

A district spokesperson told Fox 29 there is not set policy when it comes to dealing with these situations and that everything is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

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