Roxanne Stein recovering after riding accident

Roxanne riding her horse, Bamboo. Photo by Steve Moss
Roxanne riding her horse, Bamboo. Photo by Steve Moss

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Many of you have been wondering what happened to Roxanne Stein.

The popular morning co-anchor on WPTV NewsChannel 5 and WLFX Fox 29 has not been on the air since she left on a holiday vacation in December.

Roxanne wants her faithful viewers to know she will be returning; although, it might not be for a couple of more weeks at the earliest.

On December 22, she was riding her horse, Bamboo, and had an accident.

Roxanne has been riding horses her whole life. It's her passion. But during the second of four equitation classes showing with "Palms Stables" of Wellington, she and her Hanoverian Hunter had a miscommunication on a jump.

Both took a tumble. Roxanne fell clear of Bamboo, but her left hand rolled under her body and she suffered a compound fracture. Her ulna bone was broken and her radius bone broke in six places.

Her husband took her to Wellington Regional Medical Center where she was diagnosed with a broken arm near the wrist.

She needed surgery but had to wait until the swelling went down.

On December 28 Nicholas Sama, MD., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, performed an operation that lasted nearly two hours.

He determined she had a complex fracture of the joint surface of her wrist. He reconstructed the bones with a steel plate and seven screws.

She had no use of her limb and couldn't touch, pull or push.

Roxanne is now undergoing physical therapy. Although she is in pain, she is working hard to get her mobility back.

She is right-handed, but has discovered how much she depends on the use of her left hand.

Roxanne can't drive, and it could be a year before she is fully recovered, but she wants to get back to work as soon as she can.

She is optimistic she will be back in the studio by the end of January.

She says Wellington Regional and Doctor Sama have been wonderful and incredibly supportive. She misses the Today on 5 and Fox 29 family and appreciates all the well wishes.

Her horse Bamboo was not injured. In case you are wondering, she hopes to ride as soon as she's physically able.

You can write to Roxanne and wish her well on her Facebook page by clicking here or visiting:

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