Gator Attacks Unsuspecting Diners
Jon Smith Restaurant Patrons Say They Never Saw Anything Like It Before

PALM BEACH GARDENS - Diners at South Florida restaurant chain Jon Smith Subs were shocked by the sudden appearance of gators in all 14 locations of the popular dining spot.

"It was a little scary," said Laura Drake, a patron at the Jon Smith Subs location on West Indiantown Road in Jupiter.  "These beady, yellow eyes were just staring at me.  Then I saw one, giant green claw reaching out at me with these big, long nails on it.  I still have goose bumps!"

Luckily for Drake and the sub chain's other patrons the scary beasts were only two dimensional, peeking out from posters and signs promoting Jon Smith's Subs newest menu addition – The Alligator Sub.  Created by the company's founder, Jon Smith, the Alligator Sub is a combination of steak, kielbasa and chicken cooked in a swamp stew.  The monstrous sub comes on a foot long, fresh baked sub roll and it's not for the faint hearted.

"I saw the posters and just had to try it," said Greg Blanchard as he nibbled on the last few bites of his Alligator Sub at the Southern Boulevard location.  "Let me tell you, it's a lot of sandwich," "Normally I order two subs and fries, but today the Alligator is all I can handle.  This is my kind of sub!"

The company reports similar reactions from diners from Port St. Lucie to Boca Raton.

"People are intrigued," said one Jon Smith Subs employee in the Boynton Beach location.  "They see the signs and it's almost like a challenge for them.  They just have to see what it is."

The Alligator Sub is available in all 14 locations of Jon Smith Subs including Port St. Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.  The sub comes in a footlong size only and sells for $7.29.