PSL Police: Driver not wearing pants hits house

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Ernesto Izquierdo discovered quite a mess when he woke up Sunday Morning. An SUV had crashed into his garage on Gagnon Road.

Police say the driver, 22 year-old Brittany Schofill, took out two mailboxes and then went airborne for a bit, crossing a driveway and two yards before finally coming to rest against Izquierdo's house. "Loud boom. I looked. One woman inside the car. Nothing on," said Izquierdo.

Police say they found Schofill asleep at the wheel, and discovered she wasn't wearing any pants.

Inside the car officers say they found a clear plastic bag containing 3 white pills made up in part of hydrocodone.

She faces charges of DUI and possession of prescription medication without a prescription.

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