PBSO deputy files whistleblower lawsuit

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - There's another new twist in the John Goodman case.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy is now claiming she's being punished for telling her version of what happened in the John Goodman ankle monitoring case.
Deputy Bridgette Bott filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her boss, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw in Palm Beach County Circuit Court on Friday.

Last year, polo mogul John Goodman was on house arrest for a DUI manslaughter case when his ankle monitoring bracelet broke.

Prosecutors said Goodman broke it himself. Goodman testified it happened by accident. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Bridgette Bott also testified and backed up Goodman's claim. She was part of his hired private security detail and was inside the home at the time of the incident.

"He (Goodman) actually approached her, to alert her to the fact that there might be some problem with the device," said Bott's attorney Sid Garcia.

The judge voted in Goodman's favor.

Bott's attorney claims she was removed from the high paying work of the security detail for telling her version of what happened.

"She feels she is being punished simply for participating in a judicial proceeding where she told the truth that was not towing the official line," said Garcia.

Plus, Garcia claims it also led to Bott getting disciplined for an unrelated case for not disarming a man who later committed suicide.

The case happened back in July of 2012.  Her 40 hour suspension begins tomorrow. Another deputy is also getting disciplined according to Garcia.

"The disciplinary action was not handed out until after she gave her testimony and after she was criticized for giving that testimony in the Goodman case," said Garcia.

"This is not only economically damaging to her but harmful to her reputation and you know reputation means everything when you're a police officer," he said.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office said since the suit was just filed on Friday they haven't had the opportunity to review it.  However, it's office policy is not to comment on pending litigation.