Delray maid, busted on tape for stealing

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- Delray Beach police have released hidden video of a maid allegedly ripping off his client.

It started July 9, when detectives got a call from Michael Bartelone, who was suspicious that Joshua Housen may have been cleaning out more than just a messy house.

He noticed his jewelry boxes were empty after Joshua Housen and his cleaning partner left.

"It looks like he's going through the store and picking out what he wants," said Bartelone. "My wife and myself, both of our wedding rings, gold chains, necklaces. (It) had to be over $12,000 in jewelry."

On July 10, police worked with Housen's boss to set up a live feed from a home Housen was sent to clean.

Sleuths placed $400 and a gold necklace in a drawer in the master bedroom.

In between fluffing the pillows and flattening the sheets, while his partner wasn't looking, you can see him dipping his hand into a drawer and putting something in his pocket.

Police arrested him right after and allegedly found in his sock, the planted necklace.

"This guy was caught and he won't be able to do it to somebody else," said Bartelone.

But even though the police have Housen, the Bartolone's jewelry is still missing.

The report says Housen admitted to the thefts and told police he would, "Go into bad neighborhoods and sell the jewelry to random individuals for cash."

"You think about someday leaving those pieces to (your children) and it's gone," said Housen. "There's just no way to describe it what a terrible feeling it is."

The Bartolone's say they won't ask any questions if someone wants to bring the rings back.

Court records say that Housen is still in jail, efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.

No charges have been filed against the woman who cleaned the homes with Housen.

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