Goodman granted to travel to see ailing mom

Published: Aug. 14, 2013 at 5:03 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 14, 2013 at 8:32 PM EDT
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Thanks for voting in the Fox 29 poll. Fifty-four percent of you said yes, "John Goodman should be allowed to visit his ailing mother in Texas". Forty-six perfect of you said "no".  Now, join the Facebook conversation.


WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - International Polo Club Founder John Goodman received good news from Judge Jeffrey Colbath Wednesday at the Palm Beach County Courthouse.

Colbath granted permission for Goodman to travel to see his ailing mother who's battling cancer in a Texas hospital.

Goodman's mother may only have days or weeks to live, so attorneys asked the judge to let him go see her.

The judge said he can go, but he has to fly commercial and have four deputies with him at all times.

Goodman is on house arrest, on a $4 million bond, as he waits for a new trial.

There is a worry that he is a flight risk. "The precautions are certainly in place if they agree in the order that that is what is going to happen -- four deputies and a commercial plane, you know All of that. Otherwise, I would be really, really nervous about him going without escorts," said former Assistant State Attorney Ellen Roberts.

It's still up in the air where and when we'll see the next trial. A decision on that could sometime this fall.

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