Bondsman: Hunt in jail at own request

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - According to Vero Beach bondsman Ron Barnett, Kaitlyn Hunt requested to turn herself in on Monday evening.

Barnett says he did not revoke her bond and only brought her to the jail because she asked him to.

He says in order for someone out on bond to turn themselves in, their bondsman must also be there.

Hunt will be in court Tuesday afternoon where prosecutors will tell the judge about allegations that Hunt violated her pretrial conditions by having contact with her alleged victim.

Police say Hunt was 18-years-old when she had sexual relations with a 14 year-old-girl.

Hunt faces two counts of lewd and lascivious battery.

On Monday, prosecutors withdrew a plea deal that they were offering Hunt.

The plea deal would have kept her out of jail.

According to court records filed on Thursday, sheriff's investigators say that after Hunt's arrest on Feb. 16, she violated a court no-contact order by having repeated contact with the victim. In some instances that included their secretly meeting and having physical contact.

Hunt allegedly sent some sexually explicit photos via the Internet, according to court records.

There was almost daily contact via an iPod Hunt is alleged to have put in the younger girl's locker before Hunt left Sebastian River High School. Investigators said there were 20,000 text messages.

Prosecutors said that Hunt and her mother had been communicating with the alleged victim, telling her to delete the texts so no one would find out.

Hunt faces felony charges and may have to register as a sex offender, if convicted.

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