Parents complaining kids are sitting on school bus floors

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Parents from Boca Raton to Palm Beach Gardens have contacted WFLX to complain about overcrowding on their children's school buses. 

"It is to the point where you are leaning over the sides of the seat. My daughter has basically sat on the floor," Karen Senft said. 

Senft's daughter rides the bus to Palm Beach Central. She says since she started riding the bus three years ago, it has never been this crowded. "If I have to start picking her up, I will. But I don't think that is the answer. The answer is it needs to be resolved," Senft said. 

Senft said her daughter said the issue was slightly better on Tuesday, and that no one was sitting in the aisle like earlier. 

Other parents say they've seen the same problems on different buses. "At first, I thought, my son was kidding. I mean... who puts a kid on the floor?" parent Heidi Cote said. 

Cote's 13-year-old son rides the bus from Wellington to Suncoast Community High School. 

She says her son has been texting her to tell her he has to sit on the floor of the bus. "What if there was an accident? If there is an accident our kids are going to fly down the center of the bus and get hurt," Cote said.

Cote says she's tried calling the district six times to report the problems. "I keep getting the runaround. They say, this is not the right number, let me take your information, but they don't get back to me," Cote said. 

On Wednesday, the district told us a district staff member went on one of the buses where parents were concerned and while the number of students on board was within capacity, it can fluctuate. 

They say they are addressing any concerns promptly and they will be adding additional buses to the route.

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