Gator, weighing 737 pounds, caught in Orange County

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - It could be a record-setting catch in Orange County. A sheriff's deputy captured a 13-foot alligator during a recent hunt.

Tipping the scales at 737 pounds, it took the hunters several hours before they could get it under control.

They say it's another reminder of how large and dangerous these reptiles can get. "They do need to be regulated. They do need to be harvested -- no different from any other animal there is out there," said Jason Forgey with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "Where we got this guy was probably 100 to 150 yards from where the guy got bit on the rope swing -- not six to eight months ago."

Another large alligator was caught in Mississippi last month, but that weighed nearly 80 pounds less than this one.

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