Mom, daughter found dead: Dad believes ex-wife isn't responsible

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The father of the 10-year-old girl found dead with her mother says he does not think the mother is responsible.

Brad Brooks say he went to see his daughter at her mom's, Pamela Brooks, house to give her a 10th birthday present Wednesday.

On Thursday night, when he went to pick up Alex for the weekend, he says, he found the mother and daughter dead. 

Investigators found multiple wounds on both the mother and daughter that appear to have been from a knife.

So far, Brooks' attorney says, police are indicating to them that whatever happened in that house was done by someone inside the house -- but, Brad says, he just can't believe his ex-wife would kill their child. "I don't think she could have done that. Not to her own daughter.  Alex was her life. That was everything to her," said Brooks. 

The attorney for Brooks says the medical examiner's report could be held up by toxicology reports -- so there is still not official cause of death for the mom and daughter.

Brooks says his ex-wife was never abusive and loved the little girl just as much as he did.

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